Globolstaff Virtual Assistants are working hard, well-trained and reliable. Your virtual assistant can perform virtually any SEO, ditigal marketing, social marketing, video marketing data entry, website management and content writing tasks. 

Why Hire Our Virtual Assistant?

Well - Managed: Each VA is assigned for only one client and her work is daily tracked by desktime.

Hard Working: 8 hours/day for full time VA and 4 hours/day with part-time VA.

White Label: Working under your SEO firm's brand.

High Quality: 5 years in SEO industry. All of VAs are well trained with most SEO tools and latest techniques.

No Risk: 1 day free trial, cancel any time.
Testimonials that is worth your time.

The Virtual Assistant is managed and supported by whole team




Virtual Assistant







All of our virtual assisstant work in the same office under our management. You will not only have your own VA working on your projects but also have a team  leader to take care of the VA's work and IT supporting team. Daily reports will be sent to you at the end of each day. Moreover, you can communicate directly with your team leader and your VAs via IM (skype, Gtalk...) and teamviewer software. Desktime is used to track your VAs work every minute.

Virtual Assistant is well-trained and can apply new skills quickly

All Virtual Assistants have 5 year experience in white hat seo and can learn or apply new skills quickly.

  • Website Setup and OnPage SEO: we will setup/config your website via cpanel then do onpage SEO and content update

  • Off page SEO: give us your website URL and keywords, and we will do all latest SEO techniques to promote your website
  • Data Entry : account creation, typing services, copy and paste tasks etc

  • Website Content: we can write product description, update photos, information for your ecommercial sites or blogs

  • Video marketing:  download, watermark and upload your videos to popular video sharing sites

  • Content marketing: writing digital content and content distribuation to PR/article sites

  • Software marketing: with PAD file for your .exe file, application

  • App Marketing: increase the number of download for your iOS or android app
  • Document distribution: Create PDF/DOC or Powerpoint document and submit to sharing sites

Your virtual assistant can perform any recurring tasks, any works that you feel you should not waste your time for it. If you can define the process and train our Virtual Assistant, then we can work for you

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I train my virtual assistant to do what I want? Training a virtual assistant should be no different than training a staff member. Use the latest technologies that everyone has access to in order to facilitate training. Communicate your needs via instant messenger, and by emailing documents for review or even use Team Viewer or Remote Control to access their PC. We highly recommend asking for at least two hours free time for training. In case Assistants do occasionally leave (or not work out), you shouldn't have to pay to retrain a new assistant each time this happens because we will take the duty of retraining them.  

How do I ensure quality with my virtual assistant? The best approach, if you're hiring on your own, is to get a complete history of the virtual before hiring. While this isn't always foolproof, it does help. The VA will send you a daily reporting of what is accomplished and how many hours was logged. Hence, you always know the status of your tasks and what you're spending. Carefully review everything your assistant returns to you completed until you've developed a comfort level with her work.
Correct mistakes quickly and immediately when they happen. No one can learn to do things differently if they're not told that they made a mistake. When you catch an error, notify your assistant and tell her how to correct it. 

How can I trust a person I've never met in person, and never will, to keep my leads and my business confidential?  VA's are as concerned with your business success as they are with their own. In fact, their success depends on your success. So, a virtual can become one of the best assistants and business partners you've ever had. Just like you, they are business owners and very interested in helping their clients.

What does it cost to have a virtual assistant?  We recently broke out the cost of hiring an in-house assistant for the average business. The rate is around $400/month.
Do your VAs know how to use The Best Spinner or other  SEO softwares? Yes, our Virtual Assistants are trained in how to use TheBestSpinner , Wordai, SenukeX , GSA, Hootsuite, Directory Submission Software , Scrapebox  etc.. More info here

How to hire your VA?
Send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or visit Hire Us to send us your requirements for your work.


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