What are Google Plus Ones?
Similar to Facebook Like button, the The Google Plus One Button is recently becoming an effective way for Google to assess the popularity of a website. Even the number of plus one's listed on a website is used to determine the ranking of this website in Google search results. The more Plusses from many different people you get for your site , the more popular your site will look to Google.

Introducing the +1 Button


How Can you Profit From Google 1′s?
As getting a Plus from a friend, your content will be listed high up in his searches, similar to how Google suggests you things and people that are liked/friended by people you are associated with. If your website /pages have a large number of +1s, It will have many benefits:
1. Driving traffic to your site
2. Boosting the ranking of your site in Google's Search results.
3. Incasing the reputation of your site as a new visitor will mostly feel happy to be on your site which are recommended by many people if your site/page has hundreds of+1's.

Why you should use Globolstaff's Google Plus Ones:

  • Google Plus One by Real people (GS's staff)
  • Fast delivery
  • Fast Support
  • Unique ip Addresses

1. Do you send a report after completion?
Yes, a full report of the work will be sent to your email address upon completion.
2. Can I check the total number of Google +1's on different pages on my site?
Yes, you can do it simply installing the Google Chrome extension from:
3. Do you use Unique IP Addresses for Google +1's?
Yes, I use Unique IP addresses
4. Are these Google +1's done manually?
Yes, all of the Pluses will be added completely by hand through unique IP's; therefore, it looks completely natural to Google

 googleplus1-iconGoogle Plus One Packages

50 Google +1's : $ 15

100 Google +1's : $ 25

1. Choose package and Click Hire Us button to send us your requirements for your work.

2.Send paypal payment to our paypal: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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