Google Pagerank Updates Schedule in 2013
Written by Joni   
Thursday, 28 February 2013 16:55

Google Pagerank Next Scheduled Update for 2013

Most of SEO'ers say that PR is not very important; but in fact their emotion changes each time Google announces PR updates. Some are happy while some are nervous. It's a certainty that at the moment a lot of SEO'ers are waiting for the first PR updates by Google in this New Year, 2013.

Google Pagerank Updates Schedule 2013
Although Google's PR updates schedule in 2013 is not officially announced by Google, it is predicted basing upon the previous updates as well as SEOers' experiences that Google will bring Pagerank Updates after 3-4 months of interval.

Here is the schedule of Page Rank Updates by Google in 2013.

First Update: 27 January – 7 Feb
Second Update: 28 June to 8 July
Third Update: - 28 September to 5 October
Fourth Page Rank Update may held in the last of December 2013 or Start of January 2014.

When you think that you are not capable of promoting SEO for your websites, just keep on trying! There are still many chances for you ahead. You are still having 20-30 days left to focus on enhancing your site's quality, building rich and relevant content as well as high quality and relevant backlinks to them. This is simply because you know it well that there has not been any accouncement by Google about the "backlink devaluation".

Wishing you best lucks throughout Google's Pagerank Updates in 2013!!!

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