Press Release Writing & Distribution Service

 Press releases can be a powerful tool.  They open the door to media coverage, generate backlinks and can even produce a stream of traffic directly to your site. We write press releases after in-depth research on your industry and personal consultation with you.

Since many small businesses don't have the budget to hire a professional public relations (PR) firm — or have the expertise to compose their own news release in-house — Globolstaff offers press release writing services that are affordable and effectively target the message you wish to convey to the media. We can also edit/review an existing release you've written to polish and/or edit for length.

·         Personalized Service & Professionalism

We’ll assign you a personal writing editor who will work closely with you via email and direct communication to write your press release.

We don’t write advertisements or “general interest” articles. Press releases aren’t meant to be advertising.  They aren’t meant to be standard articles, either. Instead, we highlight what journalists are really interested in: the unique and newsworthy aspects of your press release.

·         Education & Experience

All our writers have completed a Master’s degree and thesis or are in their final year of graduate school.  Being able to write in professional and academic setting means you can have confidence in the writing abilities of our staff.

All press releases are written with strong search engine optimization (SEO) that includes anchor text links, keywords, and search engine friendly headlines - helping you rank higher in Internet search results.

·         Cheap & Reasonable Price

And we do it at a great price. We’ll write your press release for ONLY $15! 

IMPORTANT: After making payment, please email us with the following details:

We can develop releases based on any amount of information you provide. We can work off of websites, marketing material, notes, or by talking with you directly email, instant messages, whichever is more comfortable for you.

We work off these scenarios daily:

1) here's my site: Do your magic...

2) we want a release. Here's a book, forty-two pages on what to include, a marketing proposal on what a press release is, etc. (please don't bury us in paperwork to create a 400 word press release).

3) an article or flyer; other marketing material

4) a telephone conversation in which we discuss what the release should include.

5) Responses to questionnaire (below). Our writer will request more information if needed.

Basically, if we only worked under one scenario, we wouldn't be doing anyone a favor as most businesses we work with are either confused about what to include in their release or too busy to develop anything formal.

Some clients don't know how to use email and prefer faxing and/or talking over the phone. We understand and can accommodate you in the method you prefer.

You can email your responses or include them when you place your order online. Once an order has been placed, the writer will contact you if more information is needed (or if you indicate you want to be contacted before writing has begun). You approve all copy and we revise to your satisfaction before scheduling distribution.

Questions (feel free to add or leave blank as you feel necessary):

- What current news do you wish to announce? (New website, new product, increase in sales, merger, new license or contract, recent awards, etc.)

- What is unique about your company, service or product(s)? What makes your product/service different than your competitors (better quality, lower prices, service or product that no one else offers on web, unique website features such as advanced searches or great links, etc.)

- Details about company - how long in business, how long on web, location, affiliations, services offered, awards and recognition, website address, contact information, etc.)

- Plans for future of company, products.

- Quotes from company officers or others commenting on company or products (We can make quotes up, given enough of above information)

- Other relevant information.



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