Are you a student or a Research Scholar; a busy Corporate Executive with a tight business schedule; a highly occupied Legal Expert or you may be a successful Medical Practitioner with unending professional commitments? Whatever be your area of activity, you may be having lot of work requiring the services of a professional, reliable and affordable Typing Services.  It may be a sermon, a meeting report, law enforcement investigations or it may be Doctor Office notes, X-ray reports, operation reports, emergency room reports, psychiatric evaluations, clinical reports, lab & pathological reports etc.

If you are looking for a suitable Company to outsource your typing work, surely you would like to choose the best company to handle your valuable files. We are the right choice: Professional Typing Services - What you get?

GlobolStaff - Professional Typing Services

We provide a fast, efficient and accurate word processing service, yet it is the extra benefits we offer that set us apart from the rest of the field.

  • On time - you determine the deadline
  • Fast turnaround – depending on how big your order is
  • Available supporting system – a supporting team’s always available for chat
  • Confidential service – All documents will be kept confidentially
  • Reasonable and affordable rates- pay only for the service you need

Globolstaff Typing Service provides a wide variety of professional typing services which include:

General Typing:


* Manuscripts/Screenplays

* Employee/Safety Manuals

* Mailing /Address Labels

* Form Creation

* Handwritten Documents

* Leases

* Employee Handbooks

* Agreements

* Contracts

* LLC Agreements

Legal works


* Deposition Summaries

* Briefs

* Pleadings

* Hearings

# Term Papers

# Thesis Papers

# Dissertation Interviews

# Class Notes


Students, Teachers and Churches ALWAYS receive a 20% discount.

For more information about how we could help your company with our professional business support services, or to request a quote, submit your work directly here.



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