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Globol Staff’s Content Outsourcing Services provide the entire spectrum of content-related outsourced services from concept through writing, editing, proofreading and indexing.
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Our mission is to provide the best content outsourcing service in our industry. Our in-house creative and project management talent along with a large pool of external subject matter experts, in conjunction with our strong processes and technology-driven systems can cater to the most technical or creative content demands.
Globol Staff’s Content Outsourcing Services are designed to be a virtual extension of your publishing process.

Content Creation Services: Focusing on creating books, journals, blogs, websites, features, articles, reviews, cases, advertisements and brochures for publishers as well as non-publisher clients who need large amounts of quality content quickly and cost-effectively.

Content Updating Services: Clients know they need to update their website’s content regularly. They know why it’s so important. And yet, it just doesn’t happen, or not very often, anyway.
Search engines love content and the only thing they love more than content is new content. They reward sites that regularly update their content with higher rankings. Users love sites that regularly update their content and respond by visiting more often. There are only upsides to frequently updating content. But… it takes time, effort, resources, and energy, and, as always – everyone is just too busy.

Editing and Proofreading Services: Editing fiction, non-fiction, technical, and creative documents of all genres.

Types of editing services: Developmental Editing, Substantive Editing, Copyediting, Proofreading.

Indexing Services: Providing comprehensive, reader-friendly and accurate back-of-the book indexes prepared according to client specifications, cost-effectively and on time.


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