Facebook launches app to help users find jobs

The social network announces today the launch of an app to help users find jobs. It starts with 1.7 million job listings, ranging from engineering to medicine and IT and is supposed to become an attractive app for users in the upcoming time.

The new app is part of the company’s Social Jobs Partnership initiative, which was formed in the fall of 2011 in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Labor and several other labour organizations. It allows users to search the jobs database by keyword and location in areas including IT/Software Development, Science/Engineering/R&D; and Security/Protective Services. Jobs are classified into different groups and each group has its specific jobs so that users can search for the most wanted ones that they have been looking for.

The app includes job listings from Monster.com, Work4Labs, BranchOut and the DirectEmployers Association. By allowing job seekers to view and share job openings based on personalized criteria, like location and industry, the Social Jobs Application builds on our broader effort to help people use social media to find jobs in the US.


Facebook is a social media network and now trying to reach closer to users real lives.

“No doubts, the app’s launch is going to enhance the searching and hiring process of companies throughout social media”, said Ste’phane Le Viet, CEO of website Work4Labs. “The social media development for sure will bring employees and employers close to each other than ever”. Work4labs is one of the organizations that helps Facebook in fulfilling the job lists and searching out the employers to post on this social network”.

According to a survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, 50% of employers use Facebook during the hiring process. Employers use social networking sites to screen the profiles of potential employees, checking posts, pictures and video for information ranging from how hard they might party to what they might have said online about previous employers.
The app’s interface on Facebook
Most of the big companies own Facebook accounts so it’s easier for job finders to do research for which companies they would like to apply the jobs for as well as take other companies as other choices into their consideration.
Facebook has a long way to go before it begins to impinge on that space, but this is news that not only Jobvite should be pleased about, or even those involved. Anyone who has ever looked for work should be interested in the SJP and its new app since it connects job seekers and prospective employers.