We provide all sorts of internet marketing services including Data entry, SEO, Backlink, Web analytics, Content Writing, Link Building, Blogging, Viral Marketing, Email marketing, Link Wheel, press releases, forum posting, directory submission, article submission, etc. If you need to do anything that is boring and daily repetitive, you can outsource it to us.

No, we don’t. Your website must not contain any adult, gambling, vulgarity, pornography, fraud or copyright infringement or any such kind of information. However, dating is fine in some case

Our staff is working from 7:00 – 11:00 am and 1:30- 5:30 pm (GMT+7) from Monday to Friday and 7:00- 11:00 am on Saturday. At this moment, we don’t provide 24/7 services yet.

All payments are required fully in advance, mainly via Paypal. Payments must be received by us before we start the services. In some exceptional cases, (for monthly VA services only) we may consider half payment for 2 weeks in advance and the balance at the beginning of the 3rd week.

– You can wire us the payment to our bank account in Singapore.
– You can also pay us using Western Union & Credit Card. The cost of wire transfer and or transaction is to be borne by the client.

Where can I look for the details of the packages that you offer?
We list our services along with the offered packages and pricing on the left menu of our website: http://globolstaff.com . However, for the latest information, please chat with our sales team or managers or email us

What if I want a customized service that is not available in any of the packages you state?
Please send us all the details and we will come up with a workable customized SEO plan that´s just right for you!

Once you’ve chosen a package that suits your needs, please submit the details and send payment to info@globolstaff.com. Our Sales Representatives will then send you confirmation of the order receipt and the estimated completion time for each order.

A full report will be sent after the specified turnaround time. Normally we provide reports in Google docs files, but if you require, we can send Excel Spreadsheets.

I have other questions, how to check with your team?
For any other questions about global staff services, pls email us info@globolstaff.com and we will be happy to assist you.

When talking to customers before they use our services, we normally let them know our policy that if they are not happy then they can email us and explain the reasons and we will give them a full refund. They can also check our reputation/reviews and they can see that we have served for a lot of customers before.

About Our Virtual Assistant
(part time: 4hours/day, 5days/week, full time: 8 hours/day, 5,5days/week).

Will you be ready to work under my brand name and your employee’s too?
Absolutely we will be working under your brand name and our employees will like yours, this is what we call Staff Augmentation or Manpower Outsourcing. You will get your clients and their projects done totally under your brand name.

All of the staff will be working in Staff Hub, which is based in Vietnam, Malaysia, or China. The staff will be supported by our team/group leader and technician to make sure that he/she does your work well. In fact, you will have a whole team to work for you.

Yes, the minimum of the contract is 1 month however we are flexible in some situations. You can terminate the contract anytime with a notice of at least 7 days in advance so that we are able to use our resources somewhere else

Yes, definitely you can! All customers can communicate directly with their staff via email or IM (Skype, MSN, YM..) and customers can access to staff’s desktop with team viewer if necessary.

How can I make sure your VAs will only do my work during the hired time that I paid for your company?
Please do not worry since our VAs are okay with using time tracking application like worksnaps.net or desktime.com. Thanks to these apps, you can remotely manage our VAs’ working process and forget about over-paying.

Yes, there is. In case you are not satisfied with the performances of the assigned VA or our VA is incapable of continuing to perform your work (due to the unexpected health problems), you can request for Staff change and we will replace the current VA with a better one who can meet your demands. Global Staff will take the responsibility to re-train the new VA to make sure she/he will be able to handle your work. If the new VA needs your training, we will not charge you any cost for the training period.

Please do not worry as we will add more days to your project’s timeline so that you will not lose any working days from us that you have already paid for. Click here for more info about our Public holidays.

The reports are sent across to you by e-mail Daily at the end of our working time (5:30 pm, GMT+7) in excel files or you can check online reports with Google Docs.

About Working Engagement

How can I get in touch with your company to place/send my order/inquiry?

Please contact info@globolstaff.com or fill in this form to submit your inquiry. As soon as we’ve received your email, we will get back within 12-24 hours. It’s advisable that beside email, you should leave out your contact info for instant messages like Yahoo/Skype/MSN/Gtalk/AIM, etc so our Sales Representatives or Managers can schedule a direct talk with you for direct discussion about work. Emails exchanging and Instant messages are the best and most preferable communication way.

First of all, we need to know your detailed requirements for work and we will take some time to review your documents/materials to check if these are kinds of services that we can handle.  As soon as every detail and staff ability are clarified and confirmed, Our Sales Department will suggest you the right level of VA who can be able to implement your work.  Once we’ve reached agreements on VA hiring and pricing, we will get started your monthly project right away. If required by you, we will sign up proper legal agreement and NDA’s (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with mutual terms and conditions so that there never occurs any violation etc. Download the sample of NDA here.