Globolstaff Has Started Applying Desktime to Manage VAs’ Work

DeskTime is a productivity tool that offers insight to your productivity both individually, and throughout your company. With the help of DeskTime analytics, you’ll be able to understand where the majority of your time goes, when you’re most productive during the day, and more.

Desktime is globally trusted and used by over 28400+ users in 90+ countries.

To get started with DeskTime, click this link: to set up an account and get accessed to it.

How can I add employees to my account?
Just go to the “Settings” tab “Employees”. Every employee has its own login with username and password. Each employee is connected to the company account it was added from. After you add the employee, you should install the DeskTime client on their computer and login in order to start tracking.

Using desk time will help create our company’s reputation and gain customers’ trust due to its professionalism. Basing on our daily reports and desk time tool, you will recognize how serious and responsible we are, as well as define the exact amount of time spent on your project on a daily basis.

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More benefits of using Desktime:

– check out what are your employees really doing
– prove your productivity while working from anywhere.
– Efficiency is up and employee independence is maintained. Transparency without nanny-net.
– boost your employees, and motivate them to perform at 100% of their potential.

You are a small/medium-sized business that:

needs to get all it can from its employees
has remote employees, and you need a way to check up on them
is serious about being productive at work
wants to develop the best work ethic out there
DeskTime is designed to improve employee productivity and the ability for employees to always see their productivity data is necessary. Each employee can access this data by clicking the DeskTime icon and choosing “Show DeskTime”.