Social Media Services

How do you know about Social Media?

Social media is a phrase being tossed around a lot these days, but it can sometimes be difficult to answer the question of what is social media. Typical social media sites are LinkedIn (Business Networking), Facebook (Networking), Twitter (Microblogging), YouTube (Video Sharing), WordPress (Blog) and StumbleUpon (Bookmarking). Any website that invites you to interact with the site and with other visitors falls into the definition of social media.


Why should we care about Social Media?

Here are some stats that I just love from a study by Chadwick Martin Bailey:

  • Two-thirds (67%) of consumers who follow brands on Twitter are more likely to buy those brands after becoming a follower.
  • 51% of Facebook fans are more likely to buy after becoming a fan.

Here are some additional benefits of social media marketing:

  1. Increases traffic to your website/blog.
  2. More subscribers to your newsletter or RSS feed
  3. Higher visibility
  4. Brand recognition
  5. More links to your website (which improves your search engine placement)
  6. Talk directly to your customers and create a direct connection with them.

Why should you go with Globolstaff?

The truth is that most companies are too busy running the business to spend the time it takes to understand how to fully leverage social media to achieve the business goals. Moreover, as with any new communication tool, there are innate risks that need to be managed. Social Media Services provided by Globolstaff has been invested for years and developed proven systems that can protect and grow your business, your brand and your bottom line.

If you feel that you already know which social media tools would be the right place to find your prospects, please pick up the services you are interested in:

Twitter Services -only $125, we’ll bring you 300 added followers  (This service is being suspended)

We will assign a team to handle Twitter services completely to include writing custom Tweets (content will be sent for client’s approval), posting, managing and interacting within 8 hours/day; 5.5 days a week. Generally, at least 300 added followers will be brought each month by this service.

  • Profiles Creation, Customized page creation or custom redesign of existing page
  • Writing copy for 60 custom Tweets monthly
  • At least 8 Tweets delivered weekdays
  • Following back  all who follow you with custom greeting messages
  • Monitoring twice per weekday with notification to client of any issues that need to be solved
  • Interaction and discussion with followers each weekday
  • ReTweets, Thank You and Follow Friday resulting in at least 20 live, interactive Tweets (weekdays only)
  • Daily Reports reporting of results and planning for next month

Facebook Services -only $185, we’ll bring you 1,000 brand new targeted Facebook fans  (This service is being suspended)

We will assign a team to handle Facebook completely including writing custom content (client approves content), posting, monitoring and interacting seven days a week. Estimately, 1,000 targeted facebook fans can be achieved each month.

  • Create or optimize your current Fan Page.
  • Create vanity URL
  • Deliver one posting each weekday with original content created by us and approved by the client
  • Post one message to update fans each month with upcoming or outstanding events/activities
  • Monitor once per weekday with notification to client of any issues that need to be addressed
  • Weekly chat/email updating you on your fans and planning for next month

YouTube Services

It can’t be denied that YouTube is the biggest video sharing website worldwide and is an trustworthy tool for raising your business, displaying your product and displaying powerful testimonials. A YouTube channel is effective by itself or can be integrated into your current website to easily add video or drive traffic. For its powerful functions, why don’t you open door for the world to see you?  Globolstaff gives clients a big hand in a variety of online video needs from setting up a custom YouTube channel with video clips they already have to full scale productions on a professional set. If you have video ideas for your company and need help, please reach to our sales executive on our website for chat.

NOTE: Targeting can be specified by geo-location (only as specific as country) and/or industry. Please email us upon placing your order to specify targeting and fan page URL.