Spin Rewriter and The Best Spinner- Which one is better?

There are two emerging trends of using software for spinning articles recently. One is The best spinner created by Jonathan Leger, which is upgraded to version 3 and another one is Spin Rewriter which is considered to be the cleverest spinning software here and there. Should we make a quick comparison of the two and work out which one will be used in the future for the better results.

Spin Rewriter

We have recently received offers from many clients for this software to use for their outsourcing work in terms of spinning articles. They claimed that it would be much better than The best spinner. Some of them also indicated that “The best spinner was dead” (wasn’t it?) and the Spin Rewriter was becoming the King of the spinner in the world.

According to the SmileyTech Solutions Company, the most outstanding feature of this software is that it can provide more accurate synonym replacement, by correcting the grammar of your sentence as well. It will easily realize the word you use is a noun or a verb, or automatically correct the articles a/an basing on the noun you are using or something like that. Let look at the following presentation to get to know better about this awesome soft.


Does Spin Rewriter Really Work as your expectation?

It can not be denied that in fact, most of you would love to get a content spinner which can help you get spun article variations with good grammar and understandability by simply hitting a button. However, don’t completely put your trust on either Spin Rewriter or The Best Spinner as none of them can deliver such a feature. Although making sense is marked as the biggest feature of Spin Rewriters, it doesn’t seem to be very good at understanding what you are aiming to write about.

You can try to test my statement by spinning two simple sentences through the spinner, using their strongly advertised One-Click Rewrite system. You will be able to assess what I am talking about 😉

Watching the video provided above, you can easily realize that the sales video of Spin Rewriter supplies an interesting illustration of the inherent weakness of this generation of content spinners. For example, the word “pen” is recognized as an enclosure for animals rather than a writing tool, and then they include the word “sty” as a synonym. The mistake like this may not be noticed by search engines, but it will not pass through the eyes of many human readers.

How to use the spinner properly?

Do you know that you can not make your spun articles unique just simply by grabbing an existing article and replacing some certain words with synonyms?

YOU CAN DO IT, only by combining all of the following techniques: rewriting paragraphs and sentences; replacing individual words and phrases with synonyms manually or semi-automatically. As a result, you can get articles that make sense and may be considered unique by the SEs.

And in this field, The Best Spinner leaves Spin Rewriter behind. Using The Best Spinner, you will enable to check spell using spell checker, check uniqueness by content uniqueness checker, project management, color-coded spintax, and other awesome assistance tools to make your job easier.

And I suggest using a desktop application like The Best Spinner over an online interface like Spin Rewriter.

In terms of using synonyms and phrases for replacement, I suggest using The Best Spinner as it saves us time to find suitable ones and also draws the longer straw. Although Spin Rewriter enables you to choose synonyms according to different meanings, it slows you down to find words that really fit your context. Moreover, Spin Rewriter offers a much fewer word or phrase suggestions than The Best Spinner.

In conclusion, WHICH ONE IS BETTER?

In fact, The Best Spinner is still a choice of many webmasters as the software is worthy of its name. Many people say that it is currently better than Spin Rewriter in most aspects.

On the other hand, Spin Rewriter has just been released with new features and a growing thesaurus. It may become an ideal choice in the upcoming time. From what I can remember, The Best Spinner also produced rather lackluster results in its earlier days.

Now it’s time for you to try and get to know Spin Rewriter as it is offering a 50 percent discount to the 2000 first users. While learning the new product, don’t forget to compare with The Best Spinner as it has just been launched with the newest version coming with a new user-friendly interface and features that make it easier to work with a huge amount of content.