What is Google Panda Update and How Does It Effect the Search Results

In modern life, you usually use Google to search for the necessary information on a certain topic for your work or study.  If the results you get on the first page of Google are so stupid and irrelevant to the topic you need, you must be very frustrated. Whereas, a lot of users experience the same thing that the more relevant and high-quality sites that they can find from the search results are often not on the first page. This makes the users so disappointed and waste a lot of time. That is the reason why Google made a hard-hitting but significant algorithm that is Google Panda Update.
How does Google Panda work?

In our browsing process, we will find that there are two groups of websites: group one contains the websites that are high quality, have good content and voted by many people. In contrast, group two contains a lot of sites that have duplicate content or the contents are so short and have not enough information. These sites, of course, have less voting and called Spam sites. Google Panda works due to these two groups. It will rank the spam sites in group two lower and replace them from the first pages of the search list with the good sites in group one and rank the group one sites higher at the first page so that users can easily find good content and high quality websites for their need. That’s the way Google Panda Update works.

Does Google Panda Update have any influence on the current Search Engine Result?

The answer to this question is yes. The aim of this new algorithm is to improve overall search quality. That means, its target to the spam and low-quality sites that have too many ads, short or poorly written articles or copied contents from other websites and even ranked higher than the site that they copied the original articles from. All of the websites from small ones to the large companies have been hit hard by Google Panda, so this algorithm is absolutely not a funny trick at all.

Apparently, Google Panda Update has a significant influence on the search results. For the search engine users, especially students and casual browsers, this is a good thing. Rather than getting pages that have the same contents, they will get better search results and more significant answers to what they need to find.

So if you feel that your site was affected by the update, what will you do?

We can see that Google Panda Update is the best update up to now. In case your site was hit by this algorithm, you ought to follow the tips below so that you can survive the Google Panda Update:

1. Follow what Google suggests. That means you should evaluate contents on your website and go for the best option to improve every page on your website. You can also try removing pages that contain low quality or duplicate contents and replace them with rewritten contents as now ‘uniqueness’ has become more prominent on Google.

2. You had better use ‘rel=canonical’ tags to your website pages to avoid duplicate content issues.

3. The ratio of content and advertisement seem to have an impact on the overall ranking on Google at this time. Too many advertisements on your website pages may lead you to lose ranking for your website on Google. Thus, you need to avoid this issue if you want to have a high ranking.

4. The readers would love to find informative, filled with quality editorial content, it will be best if you update a unique and nicely written blog in this section every day. It’ll help you not only in getting good search engine ranking but also getting quality visitors to your website.

5. Now some social media channels like Facebook and Twitter are taking an important part in generating traffic for a website. So, trying these social media platforms is also a very good way to survive the loss of traffic caused by this Google Panda Update.