Why should you use Google Docs ?

I’ve been using Google docs for a long time. I use it regularly for our household budget and find it very useful. What is google docs you ask? Well, it’s an online version of the famous Microsoft Office suite. The beautiful thing about it is that you don’t install any software and don’t have to worry about where your files are. Google does all of the heavy liftings for you. You just use their word processing, spreadsheet, or presentation software (see the similarities with the office?) then you save the files into your own google docs library. Of course, you can print, email, and export files into all sorts of versions to share. Another key benefit is that documents are shareable. That means, for my household budget example, i can give rob privileges to not only look at the document but make changes. Each and every saves of the file creates a new version that is easily retrieved in case an error is made. Very useful for just about anything you’d need to create a document for. Can you tell I’m a fan of Google docs? Click here to start to use Google Docs.