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High-Quality Virtual Assistant

Why Us

High-Quality Virtual Assistant

When hiring Globolstaff’s VAs, you can make sure we put quality on your top priority. We guarantee many things including the actual quality of the work, the efficiency of the VA, and the overall quality of our company. Not only do our VAs learn the tasks clients give them extremely fast, but they can also do them very efficiently. We make sure to do your work so well that you can free up your time and work on new projects.

Our VAs also have a very diverse skillset (video creation, account creation, manually link building, content creation, Data entry, and SEO). A lot of work clients need to be done is related to social media marketing, and you will be happy with the results that our team produces.

And here are more reasons for you to consider when hiring our VA services:

– Our Virtual Assistants are trained in how to use Software such as The Best Spinner, SenukeX, Directory Submission Software, Scrapebox, etc
– Put great attention to details, have the ability to follow direction, and good communication skill (graduate from Universities of English)
– Listen to the client’s comments and always try to meet their requirements.
– Has flexibility: If any task planned by the client has trouble, and needed to be changed, our VA is okay with that and will be happy proceeding with the new tasks assigned.

Reliable Virtual Assistant

– We make sure to work 8hours/day x 5,5days/week (full time) and 4 hours/day x 5days/week (part-time
– Our workers will not do any other thing expects for client’s assignments and only work for clients that hire them.
– For VA management: we are applying the following to track the VA tasks:

Desktime to track VA working
Teamviewer, skype, GTalk etc to keep in touch and access VA PC
CCTV to see the VA working ( is building and applied soon )

– Reporting: You will get a report sent to your email every single day at the same time that gives an overview of the work done for the day.

Trusted Outsourcing Partner Since 2008

Good communication: Hiring GS’s VA services, you will be impressed by the communication of our team. First of all, you can contact your VA at any time via email and chat tools for instant messages such as Skype, AIM, Yahoo, MSN, etc. Additionally, there are even more contacts available. You will be able to work with our Project Managers who are always available on skype/Gtalk to discuss the project’s details, process, results, changes, etc.

In brief, you will never have an issue with Globolstaff’s communication, and that is definitely a rarity with companies!

Reasonable Price: A lot of clients have admitted that the price of Globolstaff’s VAs is amazing considering the quality of work that is done. You get what you pay for: simple as that! Anyone who has a strong business plan can easily make their money back very fast through working with a great VA from our team. When you have the intention of expanding your team, you will see that the prices provided by Globolstaff make hiring new staff members a breeze.

More interesting, Globolstaff is always offering a very good discount for new customers and for those who purchase our services on special occasions such as Christmas, Easter, New Year holiday, etc.

A+ Level Support: You can speak with our sales and management team: Tony, Anthony, and Joni directly via IMs to discuss what we can offer and the pricing list. All you need to do is to work out what you can automate and train, to relieve your daily burden.

You will be instructed on how to proceed (make the order, how to send payment, how the work will be processed, reporting system, etc).

Trusted Since 2008: Last but not least, the most important is that Globolstaff has been doing outsourcing Services for 5 years now (since 2008) so we have gained a lot of experiences to serve clients.

“Here’s my words regarding globolstaff, something you need to know that this was the best VA service ever…

Support ……… Excellent
Communication ……….Excellent
Tasking …………… Excellent
Result… Fast and Excellent

I would give you a 10. “


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